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We take great pride in delivering Maximum service to our clients. Our clients needs come first, and client satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Below are just a few of our happy clients from over the years.

Steven was very efficient, returned all my calls and emails promptly. He was friendly and pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable. This all made me feel very comfortable dealing with him, and much less stressful than dealing directly with a bank. I was able to get the lowest rate through Steven and would highly recommend him.

Vicki D., Mortgage Closed on February 1, 2012

Dear Steven,
I wish to thank you for your excellent services. Everything went very smoothly and the final result was positive. I would recommend anyone to work with you on their mortgage requirement.

Wadi Hanano, Mortgage Closed on April 1, 2012

To Steven,
Thanks so much for helping us to obtain a mortgage and assisting us through the ups and downs of the process. We really appreciate it. Thanks again!

Alexander & Lisa, Mortgage Closed on July 4, 2012

I went to a couple of banks and was unsuccessful in obtaining a mortgage. Thankfully I met Steven at True North Mortgage, not only was he able to quickly get me approved, but he got me an amazing mortgage rate along with it!

Faroq Farhad, Mortgage Closed on August 15, 2012

It was a great pleasure working with Steven Levine. This was the first time I felt a personalized approach, because he has asked multiple questions to find out nuances of my situation and patiently answered dozens of my own questions, helping me educate myself. I’ve gotten much more from cooperation with him than expected and than I normally get from other agents. Also, when my situation changed more than once, each time he was ready to help, to contact the bank and adjust all the amounts and documentation, all of this on the same or next day.

Mikhail S., Mortgage closed on April 27, 2012

Steven was thorough, professional and easy to deal with. Keep up the good work.

Maurizio Iusso, Mortgage closed on October 7, 2011

Steven, Working with you on my mortgage was an entirely pleasurable experience. You were clear, helpful, informative and efficient! Thank you!

Vickie M., Mortgage Closed on May 15, 2012

Not only did Steven get me the best interest rate possible on the market, but the personal service was great. When the bank`s loans officer needed some additional information, Steven was immediately available on the phone to resolve the problem on the spot. Highly recommend.

John, Mortgage Closed on June 28, 2012

I had an abnormally long posession period and some unique requirements on my desired mortgage structure. This caused me problems getting a good mortgage rate through my usual bank since I didn`t fit the usual mould. I contacted Steven (several times through the process) and he was able to quickly assess my needs and identify a strategy which would yield me the best available rates. I found him extremely responsive and throughout it was clear that he was working with my interests foremost in his mind.

Colin Durocher, Mortgage closed on June 29, 2013

Hello Steven, The service I received when my mortgage was due was…..EXCELLENT…. I would refer you to everyone that would speak to me about a mortgage…..EXCELLENT……thank you so very much… did EXCELLENT work….have a nice day……

Jenny, Mortgage closed on January 26, 2012

While looking for my mortgage renewal I had a chance to contact Mr. Steven Levine. After answering on the phone to a series of my basic questions about the possible conditions of my future mortgage term, he invited me to visit his office in downtown Montreal. Not wasting my time neither his, Mr. Levine treated my visit with a great respect and professional approach. All the answers to my even seemingly unrelated to my dossier questions were clear and easy to "digest" for a costumer like me. I`ve signed with a full confidence my agreement with a "True North Mortgage" and am actually happy to say that all the promises mentioned in it were delivered with no compromises. While looking back to the emotions I was going through, now, after signing with the notary, it all looks to me like an unstressful and easy to understand experience. But it`s also clear to me that my personal comfort is nothing else but just a tip of an "iceberg" that represents years of a real professional knowledge and experience of a Mortgage Broker like Steve. I am very thankful for the peace of mind I have now for my next mortgage term that I signed for with the guidance of my mortgage broker Steven

Alexander Aristarkhov, Mortgage closed on September 26, 2012

Steven was very professional and always ready to deal with any issue, whether in or out of the normal course of business. I enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him for future dealings.

Howard Silver, Mortgage Closed on October 22, 2012

It was a true pleasure working with Steven. He guided me through the process of getting a mortgage step by step and proactively found the products that were the right fit for me. He was very knowledgable and responsive to my questions.

Samantha McDougall, Mortgage Closed on September 20, 2012

Hey Steven ..
I just wanna say a big thank you for taking the time to listen to what my needs were, for me and my family when it came time to renew my mortgage. You not only took the time to explain to me, on separate occasions what my options were.
I was quite surprised when you went the extra mile to try and close the best possible scenario for us. You showed a tremendous amount of patience but you guided me to make the best decision .... Calm ... Cool .... And no pressure...
I will definitely give you as a reference to all my family and friends across Canada...
Thank you again for showing me my options!

Fred Acrobati, Testimonial received on December 13, 2012

Steven, Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that I signed at the notary yesterday. They received the instructions on Friday from ING and the funds on Monday morning. Thank you very much for doing whatever it was you did to get everything done between Friday and Monday. You are definitely my number one recommendation for a mortgage from now on. FYI: I just nominated you for the CMA. Thank you Steven!

Yazan, Mortgage Closed on December 17, 2012

Steven was the fourth mortgage broker that I contacted, but he was the first one who was willing to take the time to answer all my questions. He very quickly found me a lender who was willing to offer a great rate, and work with my self-build timeline. I would recommend Steven to anyone looking to mortgage or refinance.

Steven Dedesko, Mortgage Closed on June 29, 2012

Great service ! Communication skills are excellent, overall experience with Steven was awesome, he made everything simple and took his time to answer and explain all of the questions I had. I received a great rate as well and this is keeping me smiling. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come. Thank you.

Carlos Silvestre ,

Our experience dealing with Steven Levine was very pleasant. He was very helpful, thorough and prompt with the exchange of information...and within the timelines anticipated. Seeing as there were many phone calls and emails exchanged by both parties...I think it all went very well! Thanks You!

Mr.& Mrs. Jason McLaughlin, Mortgage Closed on April 1, 2012

The rates and service I get from Steven are unsurpassed. He has helped get the best deal on both my main residence and my investment property. His knowledge of the market makes the mortgage application process very efficient and steers me towards those lenders that fit my needs -- not the other way around.

Rubens Abboud, Mortgage Closed on March 1, 2013

Renewing my mortgage using Steven’s services was SO SIMPLE. I got an excellent rate and even did not have to pay the notary for the transfer of my mortgage from one institution to the other. I truly don't think I could have gotten this deal with any other banks/brokers. Highly recommended.

Sonia M., Mortgage Closed on July 10, 2013

This was my first experience with a mortgage broker and was little skeptical, but not anymore. Steven Levine from is one of the best decisions I made in 2013, he was not only able to find and sign me at a great rate. He was also able to understand and find me the best financial solution that met the needs of my situation. He did all this within a very tight time frame, since I needed to close at the notary two or three weeks after having my mortgage accepted. I will be a loyal Steven Levine customer and follow him where ever he goes for any of my mortgage needs.

Jose Cao, Mortgage Closed on June 20, 2013

Your service is excellent and I am really enjoy working with you.
You are very easy working with and always be there for all my questions. Your are professional, patience and always put your client in the first. It's a pleased experience and I will definitely come back if I have any similar request in the future.

Wanting Chen, Mortgage Closed on March 15, 2014

Hi Steven,
Just to let you know that I have voted for you! I hope you win! You deserve the 1st place! To tell you the truth, you're the only person in Sales from Quebec, that impressed me until now. Not only you do things the way the client wants, but you do them fast and accurate. On a side note, the notary was a total disappointment. I'm still waiting for her to do the calculations - I will sign on Monday morning and with luck she'll ask MCAP for the money on Tuesday, 2 days after my renewal. She told me that I'll be paying interests to BMO for the delay in paying back the mortgage, as if the delay was caused be me. But this is the level in Quebec, I'm used to it. That's why you, Steven, stand out from the crowd. I hope you'll continue to deliver the same outstanding service to your clients many years from now!
Thank care and all the best!

Ioana Comanescu, Mortgage closed on January 30, 2015

My experience dealing with Steven was very positive. I've got the best as far as my rate goes and the approval process was hassle free. The communication was made easy and I've always received an answer in a timely manner. Looking forward to dealing with you again for my renewal and my next property purchase . I've recommended Steven to all my family and friends.

Razvan, Mortgage Closed on July 10, 2012

We received great service from Steven, both in terms of expertise and patience. Steven helped us through the process of the mortgage application, explaining us all the details and helping us understand the steps we had to take. He was always available (and we went to see him many times!) and ready to go the extra step to help us get all the necessary information.

Nicolas & Corina, Mortgage Closed on July 9, 2012

Working with Steven Levine was a real pleasure. He was efficient and personable whenever we had to deal with him, always returning phone calls and following up promptly.We strongly reccomend Steven and will surely deal with him when it is time to renew our mortgage.

George & Irene Jipa, Mortgage closed on July 6, 2012

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